- Anonymous:

On what camping trip did kellin and his wife meet?

I’m not sure.

- stopityourkellinme-deactivated2:

How old is katelynne?

Errr. 30, unless her birthday has passed recently.

- Anonymous:

Does Katelynne work on Anthem Made?


- Anonymous:

how old is kellin quinn


- nightofthespoopyangels:

Hello wonderful person with an amazing blog :D I love you. I have a question. What is your first name? I'm using your blog as a source for my project on Kellin and I need your name (or a pseudonym) which I didn't see anywhere...kthxbai :D

This is probably way too late, but my name is Samantha.  Sorry. D;

- Anonymous:

when is he oming to jersey?

He’s not touring right now.

- Anonymous:

he is 26 lol

I already corrected myself, yeah he’s 26.

- nameless-sheep:

I love this bloog soooo much <3

- nameless-sheep:

I love this bloog soooo much <3

Thanks. :)

- infinity-on-pete:

If you know anything about Katelynne Quinn, And if you do when's her birthday ?

I’m not entirely sure.

- generation-sk4te:

c': your blog <3

Thanks! c:

- Anonymous:

How old is Kellin's child? And what's her name?

About four months old, and her name is Copeland Quinn Bostwick. :)

- Anonymous:

hey, sorry if you've been asked this. kellin has stepkids right? how old? names?

Two stepsons, Liam and Rowan. I’m not sure how old they are, sorry!